What's a "true personal experience story" for Flathead Story Concerts?

Barbara Schiffman
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August 30, 2023


Some people think a "true personal story" is about someone they admire or find interesting. This may be the case for some publications and events. But for us at Flathead Story Concerts, we seek "true personal stories" about and created by the person who experienced it. 

 The true stories we curate are meant to be told live by the person who lived it. This way we hear what happened in first-person from the Teller in their words with their emotions - what happened, what they learned and why it will matter to listeners. 

These stories inspire us. They're also the types of stories curated and told at The Moth live events and radio hour shows, and on PBS-TV's Stories From the Stage. 

If you're interested in creating true personal stories for spoken word events like ours or for publication, we recommend listening to The Moth (airs Monday nights on MT-PBS radio stations) or watching episodes of "Stories From the Stage" on your local PBS-TV station (multiple episodes air each week). Each 30 minute episode includes 3 "true personal stories" that fit the theme of the week. We know you will be inspired, entertained and surprised by many of them -- and you'll hear the types of stories we like. 

 Our favorite resource on crafting and telling True Stories is the book "How to Tell a Story: the Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling from The Moth" :


 To find out how to submit YOUR first-person true experience story to Flathead Story Concerts for 2024 events, READ OUR SUBMISSION GUIDELINES at:  https://flatheadstoryconcerts.wootick.com​


Questions: Email us at story23fvcc@gmail.com

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