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Crafting a Tellable Story - Flathead Story Concerts (Kalispell MT) workshop

Date & Time

Tue, Apr 16 2024 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm

(GMT )


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Do you live in or near Flathead Valley (Montana) and have an inspiring story to tell?

Or did you attend one of our live 2023 FLATHEAD STORY CONCERTS (at FVCC or at Sacred Waters Brewing in Kalispell) and wondered about telling your own story with us in 2024?

We are now seeking new stories for upcoming live 2024 Flathead Story Concerts 

-- 5/21 and 9/17 -- hosted again at Sacred Waters Brewing in Kalispell MT.

FSCs are free local community events; all hosts and Tellers are volunteers.

Meanwhile: We want to help you Craft a Tellable Story that could be included in our events!

Each story is told live by its creator: true personal experiences (like the stories shared in The Moth Radio Hour or at spoken word events in Missoula and Spokane) -- also flash fiction stories and novel or memoir excerpts.

For Flathead Valley residents (or potential visitors to Flathead Valley) who might submit stories for consideration for our live events, we're hosting a series of free ONLINE ONLY workshops about CRAFTING A TELLABLE STORY.

Attend one or more -- let us help you begin to create a story you can share live with us or elsewhere.

Next workshop is Tues 4/16 - 6:30-9:00pm Mountain Time.

Free to attend but space is limited.

Reservations required to get our workshop Zoom link by email

and receive after-workshop handouts.

REGISTER HERE (via Tickets button) or SAVE YOUR SPACE

via email at story23fvcc@gmail.com.

Be sure to include your full name, where you live

(town or city + state), email address and phone (in case we need

to contact you with last minute scheduling changes).

There is no cost to attend our Crafting workshops.

FYI -- We don't record our workshops at this time - you can only attend live-online.


NOTE: You can also submit stories for FSC 2024 consideration without attending our workshop.

Get story submission guidelines at our FSC website:


Our 2024 FSC story themes include:

a) ALL IN THE FAMILY (biological or otherwise... inc. human+animal)

b) FIRSTS & LASTS (story prompt = "the first time..." or "the last time...")

c) also "Wild Card" Stories -- stories we love that don't fit our 2024 Themes

We prefer true personal experience stories for our Flathead Story Concerts -- but will also consider flash fiction and novel or memoir excerpts that can be told well and fit our guidelines.

Questions?? Call Barbara Schiffman at 747-238-0038 -- or email us at story23fvcc@gmail.com


Crafting a Tellable Story online workshops - will include:

(you can attend one or more, between April and August 2024)

1) Our 4-part Tellable Story Structure - designed to help you craft memorable and inspiring 6-8 minute stories (900-1200 words avg.) that can be shared live at spoken word events.

2) How to brainstorm ideas for stories you could tell live -- and why some story ideas would be more fun for the Teller to tell than for Listeners to hear!

(You can also find tips on brainstorming &/or structuring a spoken word story in books like The Moth's "How to Tell a Story.")

3) Our basic FSC 2024 submission guidelines for sending us your stories for our live event consideration (after the workshop when ready for review). There is no fee to submit your stories.

Our live spoken word events in Kalispell MT are themed and curated (not open mic) -- we select all stories in advance and (as needed) work with our invited Tellers to help them edit and practice telling their stories prior to our events.

We only invite 6 Tellers per live event so Teller spaces are limited (6-8 Tellers = 60 to 90 minutes of stories at 10 minutes per Teller).

FYI: You can also submit tellable stories to our 2024 FSC events without attending one of our online workshops -- see submission details at:



FYI -- We do not cover HOW TO TELL your story in our online workshops. They focus on story content not presentation. But we do audition potential FSC Tellers who submit stories we like before we may invite them to participate in an FSC (if we haven't heard them tell a story live before).

If you want coaching on how to tell your story live we can provide resources on this as well info on local Toastmasters chapters. Feel free to call us at 747-238-0038 or email us - story23fvcc@gmail.com - type "FSC Presentation Resources" in subject line.



For notices of our 2024 Flathead Story Concerts in Kalispell MT or our online story workshops, SUBSCRIBE/FOLLOW US on our website

If you don't yet have a story to tell we hope you'll join us at Sacred Waters Brewing Kalispell MT on 5/21 &/or 9/17 to hear some great stories from our 2024 Tellers!


Questions?? Call Barbara Schiffman at 747-238-0038 -- or email us at story23fvcc@gmail.com

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